About Ron Mack

Ron Bradley Mack's journey as a healer began, oddly enough, as a mathematician, high school teacher of geometry and calculus.   He was also influenced by Teilhard de Chardin, paleontologist and mystic, who taught him that science and spiritual matters were not at odds, but complemented each other. As Einstein observed, we have gone as far as we can with our intellect, it is now with our consciousness that we will uncover the deeper truths of the Universe.   So it was, in 1972, Ron began to listen to his inner voice.   He had no idea that it would eventually lead him to become a healer.

Ron studied at the Rocky Mountain Healing Arts Institute in Boulder, Colorado, from 1978 until 1980, went to work in a chiropractor's office, learned the 10 session principles of fascia alignment, based on rolfing and incorporated acupuncture meridian therapy with vibrational healing.

He never forgot his roots as a mathematician/problem solver and his desire to listen to his inner voice.   So in the 1980's, greatly inspired by his friend, scientist and author Dr. James Oschman, and by working on hundreds of clients, began developing his "Bradley Technique."   Ron says "It was not my intention to develop a different method of healing, I just enjoyed solving problems, listening to my inner voice and realized that my approach may be unique."   And so began the Bradley Technique.

In 1990 Ron was joined in his practice by his partner, Stanley Palys, physicist and electrical engineer, who shared Ron's life vision of combining problem solving skills with a desire to listen to the inner voice.   After all, Beethoven wrote the 9 th Symphony when he was deaf.   He may have written it by listening to his own inner voice.

Ron Mack passed away in 2012, but the Bradley Technique continues to evolve under the guidance of Stan Palys.   Ron's last discovery, from a vision, is how the fascia tissue functions in spirals: both physical and energetic, to give us more bounce in life.   This new technique has been so effective, that the 11 Session Series has been "remodeled" to incorporate these spirals.  

And so the journey goes on.



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