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How someone starts or continues the therapy is their choice. Stan works with your inner guides to learn about your unique life and needs. The Bradley Technique Healing Matrix incorporates different principals of the body. Stan will choose from the modalities below to create your own healing matrix.

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Energetic Spirials
Bone Therapy
Fascia Therapy
Body Mind Connections
Energetic Healing
Spirit Reading
Healing with Light
Bradley Technique Zone Therapy

Energetic Spirals:
Stan has had over thirty years with hands on healing. During this time of listening he discovered energy spirals that effect bone, fascia as well as the energetic body. These spirals are fundamental to the Bradley Technique Healing Matrix. The flow and energy of these spirals may be responsible for our ability to walk on two feet.

Bone Therapy:
Many experiences in our lives can be described as we "feel it to our bones". This would include many positive ones i.e. love or joy, and some negative ones i.e. fear or abuse. Bone Therapy seeks to calm the tensions in the bone marrow and return us to a place of inner peace. The energy in the therapist's hands connect with your bone marrow to gently reach a place of resolve, using your bone's own intelligence.

Ron Mack, late founder of Bradley Technique, had an awareness that there is a 'place' where the energetic body connects with the bone marrow and 'causes' the physical body to exist. Bone Therapy has been found by many people to be not only useful and subtle but also very profound. A three session series is recommended. Principles of Bradley Technique structure are used. Bone Therapy is a perfect place to begin your journey with the Bradley Technique.
Session 1 - Above The Diaphram
Session 2 - Below The Diaphram
Session 3 - Integration

Fascia Therapy:
The Bradley Technique Eleven Session Series is a deep yet gentle whole body treatment that eases away chronic tensions in the body. Its focus is the 'fascia tissue that envelops the entire muscular skeletal system. The goal is to release tension stored in the fascia brought on by physical, emotional or spiritual trauma.

Sessions are done on a bodywork table with the
practitioner's hands manipulating the fascia tissue. Clients are actively engaged in the session with some position changes and movement to assist the manipulation. Each session relieves tension for a specific area of the body. The intent of the series is to point us in a more healthful direction, insuring the participant many years of benefit.

This complete overhaul of our stress patterns results in relief of structural discomforts, freedom of body movement, better circulation and improved physical performance. Because this is a full body approach, this cannot be compared to other fascia therapies such as myofascial release. It is indeed unique.

Session 1- breathing in. surface ribs, back and pelvis
Session 2- breathing out, calves, feet and back
Session 3- vulnerability, sides of the body, shoulders/arms
Session 4-opening to subconscious, inside of legs
Session 5-deeper vulnerability, the abdomen
Session 6- subconscious strength, the back
Session 7- clear thinking, the neck and head
Session 8- rebuilding the body - waist down
Session 9- rebuilding the body - waist up
Session 10- emotional core strengthening, ribs and organs
Session 11- setting the body in motion to release tensions on its own
(11-Session Series — $125 per Session.)

Body Mind Connections:
From just before birth to about the age of seven our brains absorbed a tremendous amount of information by observing and imitating the world around us. Some of this information developed into patterns of behavior that continue to affect our responses in adult life. Many of these responses help to solve complex problems.

But sometimes these responses can contribute to the stresses that seem to overwhelm us in our technological society.

The "Body Mind Connections" provide information on how to better understand our thought patterns while providing techniques on how to make them more healthful.
The Bradley Technique healing of the mind is done from the perspective of the spirit, rather than the mind itself, which many people may observe produces endless self-criticism and contradiction.

This healing of the mind from the spiritual perspective is truly unique.

Listening via audio and/or conversing with Stan accomplishes this transference of knowledge. This healing technique is completed in five sessions, may be done along with the Eleven Session Series, in person or even over the phone, making this therapy available to all regardless of geographic location or physical restrictions.

1. LOVE: Loved - unloved
2. ORALITY: Satisfied - frustrated
3. CONTROL: Controlling - Disciplined
4. POWER: No power - supportive
5. GENDER: Male - Female

Soft Tissue and Viscera Manipulation:
This therapy is based on the principle in Physics that there is a relationship between structure and function. Gentle pressure is applied to the fascia surrounding the organs and to the abdominal cavity creating a more efficient functioning of the organs. The Bradley Technique principles of structure are woven into this process. In addition, since our organs process emotions as well as food, old unresolved emotional issues, may be gently released.

Energetic Healing:
Just as our life difficulties are imprinted on the physical and psychological levels, our energetic or spiritual bodies are capable of remembering these same traumas, which may sometimes linger and require healing.

Stan perceives that we live in a sea of energy consisting of many different frequencies or vibrations; some are more pleasing to the human spirit e.g. love, joy, truth and clarity. Others may not be beneficial such as confusion, unresolved anger and fear.

Since our spirits are how we love, experience joy, peace and even loss, the traumas that particularly affect the spirit are separation or death of a loved one, divorce, short term or long term abuse, difficulty with loving, every day stresses and even the shock of an accident. This healing is performed with some or all of the following: Hands On Therapy, Spoken Word, Listening and Concentration of Consciousness by the therapist.

Spirit Reading:
This technique consists of Stan putting his hands on the recipient, and listening and interpreting with their spirit their past, present and needs to heal in the future. The results may help clarify present or future difficulties. Stan, through all of this, is always respecting human free will. Sometimes Stan is able to do this over the phone.

Healing with Light:
During your session, Stan focuses his consciousness on inner light. The purpose and result is a deep calmness felt by the client. This healing technique is subtle yet profound.

Bradley Technique
Zone Therapy:

Many of us are familiar with foot reflexology, where points on the feet relate to different parts of the body. In addition there are points on the hands, ears and the colon that provide similar connections and information. This therapy works on all of the above.

Introductory Session:
The introductory session is an hour and a half session where your therapist will incorporate all of the therapies to give you an experience of each. Clients of the Bradley Technique Healing Matrix have experienced positive results with this healing method, both in person, and over the phone making this appropriate as an introduction to the Bradley Technique or for healing over long distances.

Read about Bradley Technique founder
Ron Mack...

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Find out more about Healing Energy in this intriguing video featuring a presentation by academic scientist Dr James Oschman on "Energy Medicine"
Dr. Oschman and Ron Mack were friends for over 30 years and his information has been fundamental in Ron's ability to develop new therapies. His work has been inspirational to many. It is our honor to share him with you.

September 2007

Highlights from Dr. James Oschman's presentation at the Annual World Congress of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Oschman believes that a new milestone in medicine is upon us, harnessing the diagnostic and therapeutic use of energy. This new technology which is entering mainstream medical use stimulates the repair and regeneration of one or more tissues.

We also recommend "earthing", or grounding, which refers to connecting your body directly with the Earth. Doing so discharges and prevents the build-up of electrical stress and helps promote healing.
Visit Earthing.com...




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